About PGL



PixieGloLife was created from a desire to establish a safe place where all are welcomed, encouraged, and empowered. I strongly believe that collectively, WE CAN make the world a better place, so I hope you can join me and take part in our collective evolution.

Monthly, I will organize my ideas, goals, and share effective, yet fun, empowerment tools. From my personal experience, the best approach to self-help is action followed by introspection and constructive commentary. However, the fuel that drives me to do the best I can, with what I have, is having accountability for myself and other kindred souls.

Your perception will become clear only when you can look into your soul.- Carl Yung

On a lighter note, since self-development can be rigorous work, PixieGloLife, will add some sassiness and lighthearted humour to the mix. The journey will be more fun this way–“don’t you think?”  (check out my channel for a good laugh)

The human race has only one effective weapon, and that is laughter – Mark Twain

pixie cut pretty lady walking in new orleans french quarters street

French Quarter NOLA ’16


A globe-trotting American with Latin spice- that’s me! As someone who has lived and adapted to life in the city, island, and suburbs; I offer an open-minded and insightful perspective. I’m passionate about learning, fashion, and exploring other cultures.

My strongest character trait is generosity. My main kryptonite: closed minded people, and stagnation. With a zany sense of humor and sassy approach to life, I always rise above the kryptos  like a phoenix with a pixie haircut. 🙂

  • M.S. Education and Psychology, NYC; TESOL Certified Florida State: Certified Image Consultant, GBC, TO
  • Creative Training: William Esper, HB Studios, NYC; Second City, TO
  • Pet Handling|First-Aid, Obedience: Dog Guru, TO; Dog Training Club, Fla
  • Presently:  Social Media Marketing, George Brown College, TO
  • E-learner Mentor for Coursera