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A great role model of independence, courage, beauty and good will.  We can all have from adding some Audrey Hepburn Style into our lives. Read and follow both to-do lists if you’d like to reignite your own sense of style. You can also choose to personify Audrey’s signature looks and make them your own. Just for fun, I will do the same. I will be posting some pics of my own Audrey Style experimentations soon. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy December’s style icon adventure as much as I will.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! ”  

– Audrey Hepburn

 5 ways to personify Audrey’s Iconic Style

  1. Discover what looks good on you by dressing for your body shape. Alsopick colors that look good on your skin tone.
  2. Watch a few of her films for elegance and inspiration
  3. Simplify. She never liked things to be complicated, including fashion. Her overall signature style was “less is more”  .
  4. Find a classically styled little black dress that you can wear day or night. For a hot date, spice it up with a statement necklace. Jazz up the basics with accessories!
  5. Own a pair of iconic shape sunglasses, preferably oversized. Make them your signature accessory.

Audrey Hepburn Style

Audrey’s internal beauty exuded externally. It gave her that “je ne sais quoi” beauty that people were so intrigued by. The following is a list of just a few of her exemplary personality traits that we can learn from…

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5 Noble Character Traits we can emulate from Audrey

  1. Be Graceful. No matter what personal and professional trials you face, don’t break under pressure. Stand tall and walk with integrity and dignity amongst the haters.
  2. Practice Gratitude. Audrey had a childlike wonder that made her seemed ageless. Although she had the wealth to live extravagantly, just like a child, she appreciated the simple things in life such as nature, animals, and laughter.
  3. Smile. Light any room you walk in with your smile. It’s good for your spirit, will make you standout and it’s contagious.
  4. Vulnerability is a strength. When we are vulnerable, we can delve into our deepest selves and grow. It also helps us decipher that which is no longer good for us.
  5. Uncomplicate yourself. Audrey believed in simplifying her life. Try to find easy solutions to what seems complicated or just get rid of whatever or whomever complicates your life and kills your joy.


For more inspiration, I found this brief biography on  Audrey Hepburn 

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