Book: Contagious Part 1 – Social Media (Infographic)

Book Report on Contagious by Pixie Glo

Book Report INFOGRAPHIC created with PIKTOCHART

Video BOOK REPORT: Contagious Part 1 – (scroll to the bottom)

Pixie Glo’s Proactive Solutions:

  • Pick 3 Social Influence Ingredients from the S.U.C.C.E.S.S principle to market your product.
  • As for my content: I will work on 1) simplifying my content (less is more);  2) Using Concrete tools like visual, infographics and stories to transform abstract ideas; 3) to stand out I will learn how to break patterns in advertising, to create shock and awe (unexpected tool)
  • Jonah Berger is offering a brief introduction to his marketing principles. You can audit the class for free or get certified with COURSERA: Contagious Viral Marketing


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