Like Cats and Dogs: 3 Introduction tips

American Veterinary Medical Association report reveals that 44 percent of US households have a combination of pets, and the most common combinations include cats and dogs in the mix.

Growing up the only girl in a family of all boys (but me and my mom), my pets became my most cherished companions. I never had a preference for dogs or cats. I even had a pet rooster. As I grew older and independent, I decided to get my own pets and missing the great memories of my childhood, I wanted to have both cats and dogs.

After researching how cats and dogs get along, and taking some courses to improve my skills for my own pet-sitting side business and to help my animals, I’ve decided to share 3 easy Pet tips you can follow if you would like your canines and felines to become besties, well, that may be too much to ask for.  But at least live civilly in the same household.

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3 Pixie Glo Pet Tips:

  1.  The best solution according to experts is to have cats and dogs with similar personalities  as your pets.
  2. Also, the right kind of training and ample independent space in the household for both cats and dogs can efficiently take care of cats and dogs treating each other as invaders.
  3. The most common problem is that of cats chasing dogs. Another major issue revolves around the dog being aggressive and the cat fearful or vice versa. This is why it’s important that you establish yourself as the alpha of the household.


Pixie Glo Life Video Pet Pick:

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