Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

3 Ways I Overcame my Fear of Public Speaking

  1. SLOW IT DOWN.  It’s  important to speak at a moderate pace. This allows your audience to understand what you’re saying and process your key points.

  2. BREATHE. This was my main issue. Linking breathing patterns to sentences and pauses will give your speech a certain flow, You will give your speech momentum. Practice:  1) before you speak make sure to breathe in; 2) as you are saying the sentence, excel the words; 3) When you pause at the end of a statement, breathe in again and repeat until you’re finished.

  3. EYE CONTACT. This allows you to connect with your audience. The key to eye contact is to scan the room and not focus on one person or one section of the room.


Proactive practice/reflections:

  • Write a short speech on a topic that interests you. Then use these techniques above.  

  • Share what public speaking methods work for you? 

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